cup of freedom

the law of attraction says
what you focus on
you get more of

if you want to
lose 100 pounds
head off your heroin habit
abandon your alcohol addiction
obviate your obsessions
quit QVC for good

don’t make a long list
of all you
can not
should not
will not
must not
ever ever ever
eat, taste, shoot up, inhale,
drink, think, throw down, buy,
toss back, acquire, swallow,
own, imbibe, purchase
or enjoy
ever again
for the rest of your
long ascetic life

if you’ve got some demons
best just to starve their supplies
of thought
or sustenance

not so much
by setting out to starve them
but by thinking about all you’ll get
by not inviting them in
having them to your table
feeding them your finest
basically entertaining their asses
at your personal cost
getting them drunk on your demise
then carrying them around
like so many monkeys on your back

make a colorful
creative bright
collage, painting,  mural,
sculpture, drawing, poem,
imagining all the
warm, comforting
foods, drinks, experiences,
feelings, moves, dances,
drawings, poems, stories,
beautiful chubby
creative or actual babies
you will be able to have
because your now-dead demons
are no longer
weighing you down

freedom comes from choosing
that which serves you

some german philosopher
said or wrote somewhere
i can’t remember where
something like
“the hardest part in life
is the choice”

when i limit my choices
to what makes me feel loved
cherished, nurtured, nourished,
adored, happy, peaceful
then focus on
all i can choose from
within those limits
i swear to god
my cup of freedom overfloweth



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