sad lonely lot

one thing
don’t take


they’ll have nothing
nothing to do with it
except if it makes them exceptional
unless it somehow serves them
a method of manipulation

they suck
all the air
out of the room
and feel entitled
to the only oxygen mask

they’re fragile
their fragile egos
require constant stroking

but fragile egos
easily bruise
so they’ll always blame
those who were gently
lovingly stroking

they’re toxic
their toxic energy
makes others sick
yet they expect
to be taken care of

emotional vampires
they’ll toss you aside
leave you languishing

when your color returns
they’ll come back for more

lacking any real
sense of self
they need others
to reflect who they are

others are mere
objects to them
mirror their ugliness
and you’ll be hated
at best

desperate to feel like winners
they are terrible losers
they refuse to admit defeat

they will think this is about them
they think everything’s about them
[but they can’t see themselves here]
they’ll punish you
then not be able to fathom why
you don’t keep coming back for more

they will prey upon you
to prove
you are no one
to them
they would have you believe
you are no one without them

pose as possessors
of great self-love
when, in truth,
they are a sad
self-loathing lot

echo and narcissus by waterhouse

echo and narcissus by john william waterhouse

i found this article to be useful and informative:


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